Broseph Tucker Band

Broseph Tucker Band, a powerhouse quartet comprising Dave Barnes, Tucker Barnes, Hunter Clubb, and Greg Gill. This High Energy Party Country Rock Band isn’t just music; it’s a full-blown experience that keeps the party going from dusk till dawn, seamlessly blending the best of country’s newest artists with a raw, unapologetic energy. 

Broseph Tucker Band has graced renowned venues, turning each performance into an unforgettable celebration. From the lively atmosphere at Bub City Chicago to the welcoming embrace of Cleveland, and the vibrant franchises in Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Memphis, Gerstle’s in Louisville, and Birmingham, Walker’s Bluff Casino in Illinois, the Shooting Star Casino in Minnesota to the rockin’ settings of Elray’s Live and Dive in Iowa City and Midwestern St. Louis – their live shows are a testament to their magnetic stage presence.

Broseph Tucker Band is more than a band; it’s a sonic force that resonates with a profound love for music. Their journey has been a testament to unwavering dedication and an unbridled passion for their craft. Formed by a convergence of talents, this dynamic quartet is becoming a fixture in the country rock scene, leaving an indelible mark wherever they play!

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Rock Mafia

Rock Mafia

Rock Mafia is a professional working Rock Band specializing in high energy dance, rock, country, and pop. They are available for local, regional and national events, including music venues, corporate events, weddings, and festivals. With their electrifying live performances, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see them in concert!

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The House Band

The House Band is the quintessential party band – a perfect fit for weddings, private parties, corporate events, galas… anything that calls for fun, classy, flexible, and professional musical entertainment! The group will provide familiar hits from the ‘70s to the present, including selections from classic Motown giants, pop chart toppers, classic rock, funk, as well as classic and smooth jazz selections for lighter dinner music settings. If you’re looking for a good time, The House Band is where you’ll find it!!!

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The Hamilton Band

The Hamilton Band

The Hamilton Band is a Rock N’ Roll group based out of Saint Louis, Missouri.  Inspired by Blues and Rock influences of the past, they make sure everyone is always having a great time while listening to unique cover tunes as well as original music.

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Joe Metzka

Joe Metzka

“Joe Metzka is not your average blues man. He moved to the sacred ground of St. Louis and assembled a world class band that delivers a full package of blues, soul, funk and jazz seamlessly.” ​

“The charismatic vocals, confident solos and killer grooves of this group will take you to the next level of appreciation for a live music experience you deserve.” 

– John May, St. Louis Blues Society

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Decade of Decadence

Decade of Decadence

Decade of Decadence- The Ultimate 80’s Rock Party! A Live Concert event playing the biggest and best anthems of the 80’s Era of Arena Rock and Hair Bands! Non Stop entertainment and a show that takes you right back to the glory days from some of the most popular songs ever written by: Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison, Journey, Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, Metallica and many more! It’s Nothin’ But a Good Time!

Decade of Decadence has played over 200 shows throughout Illinois and Iowa and have opened for and played the same bill as legendary artists like, Quiet Riot, Great White, Warrant, Bulletboys, Winger, Firehouse, Brandon Gibbs(Poison) and many more!  Record Breaking crowds, Sing Along Anthems, and a Party that will have you Rocking All Night! There’s only one Decade of Decadence!

Don’t miss this opportunity to pack your venue and bring the record breaking crowds! We Got The Boyz To Make The Noize!

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Chi-Town Transit Authority

Chi-Town Transit Authority

Chi-Town Transit Authority is an 8-piece Chicago Tribute band based out of Atlanta, Ga. established in 2017 and dedicated in reproducing the “Chicago” concert experience by performing all of the familiar and famous songs covering over 4 decades of steady hits written and recorded by Chicago.

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Mark Perkins

Mark Perkins

Mark Perkins is a country singer / songwriter out of South-East Missouri, but he is not your typical musician. Mark’s energy on stage will have you on the edge of your seat (as Rob Schneider says best) ALL NIGHT LONG! Mark has had the opportunity to share the stage and open for artists such as Brady Seals, Creed Fisher, Carly Rogers, Walker Country, Ryan Daniel, Alexandra Kay, Taylor Austin Dye, and more!

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Dr. Zhivegas

Dr. Zhivegas

For two decades DRZHIVEGAS has reigned as one of the most beloved and hardest working dance rock acts in the United States. Forming in the fall of 1995, the group honed their chops performing a unique blend of disco and funk anthems as a prescription for the rock n roll doldrums.

With sold out theatre shows in St. Louis, Kansas City & Chicago on their resume, DRZHIVEGAS became the regional talent buyers go to act for corporate galas, civic festivals and casino showrooms.

In 2009 debuting as headliners at Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas NV, the band combined the roots of classic dance genres, electronic pop and glam rock sheen with modern and dynamic production elements. Now entering their third decade performing over 200 shows a year, DRZHIVEGAS has maintained an unshakeable work ethic and a keen sense of duty to their fans.


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Zero to Ninety

Zero to Ninety Band

Ahhh the ‘90s. The decade of stripped down rock music, flannel, Sony disc mans and chain wallets. Yeah, you remember. If you like ‘90s and early 2000s alternative rock, then you’ll love Zero to Ninety.  ZTN is the premier 90s alt rock cover band in St. Louis, bringing you a high energy rock show featuring some of your favorite tunes.

Covers include artists like: Pearl Jam, Weezer, Audioslave, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day, Toadies and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Travel back in time to your favorite musical era with Zero to Ninety.

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