Lisa Ramey


Throughout her tenured career, Lisa Ramey has had a reliable habit of charming her dedicated fanbase with her uniquely gritty sound and lively, incredible performances. Many will know Lisa as one of the top performers on Season 19 of The Voice, where she excelled to the top 24 finalists as part of John Legend’s Team. Lisa gained a reputation for awe-inspiring live performances throughout her time on the show. Following her stint in the national spotlight, she has emerged as a ferociously articulate pop/rock and R&B singer. 

Lisa’s leap into her solo career continued as she pushed her soulful rock artistry to the limit with her debut album “Surrender” which placed #34 on Good Morning America’s “Top 50 Albums of 2020.”  In the months following, Lisa collaborated with renowned artists such as Camilla Cabello and Common in the Global Citizens “Together at Home” concert series, shared the stage with her mentor John Legend at Madison Square Garden, and delighted festival-goers at The Metronome Festival in Prague.  

In 2023, Lisa shared her second album, Broken Smile. A very different prospect from her first album, Lisa’s sophomore release re-imagined the forgotten songs and words of civil rights activist Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer. For Lisa, this process involved taking influential (but sometimes forgotten) recordings from the past and injecting them with fresh life in the present. 

With songs like “Vagabond” and “Body”, both recently released from her highly anticipated third album, Lisa’s no-nonsense attitude towards bad relationships, body-shaming, and finding individuality in the context of a relationship reveals her personal growth,  maturity and relatability using music as a medium. 

Lisa’s true love of performing – which was ignited at the young age of 6 – exudes confidence and high energy. 2024 is set to be one of her brightest years yet.

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Genre : Originals, Rock

Regions : Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, West

Event Type : Casino, Club, Concert, Corporate, Festival / Fair, Fundraiser, Private Party