About Us

At American Bands Entertainment, we don’t just love music. We live it. Live to play it. Live to listen to it. Especially live. Musicians David Kalz and Jon Spindler have spun this love of music into a top talent agency with a unique perspective from both sides of the stage. Which is why we attract the best artists to our exclusive roster of Party Bands, Artist Tributes and Decade Tributes. The bands you want to see live, playing the music your audience wants to hear, exclusively available from American Bands Entertainment.


Dave, Jon and our team at American Bands understand live performance and how the right entertainment can make a great event even better. Our showstopping acts, Party Bands, Artist Tributes and Decade Tributes, all have extensive performance experience that’s engaged crowds from clubs to theatres, festivals to citywide celebrations, corporate and private parties to once-in-a-lifetime weddings.


Our artists always partner with our clients, putting the utmost care into each and every concert, no matter how big or small, to ensure a successful event. And, because of their electrifying stage shows and strong social media presence, they get plugged into more calendars, boosting your profile and attendance.


So tell us a bit about yourself. What music you like and when you need it. We’ll perfectly fill your date. Or if you just want to wax philosophic about The Who’s farewell tour number 2, that’s cool, too. We live music and would love to talk to you about it.


Dave & Jon