Retro Boogie

Hey, don’t let the cool name fool you! Retro Boogie plays everything from way back when to top 40 including pop, rock, R&B, disco, soul, rock & roll and everything in between! This 6-piece high energy group will have you stomping your feet and grooving to the beat with the vocal talents of sisters (yep, real sisters) Roz Moore & Bev Boyd. These sisters even let the guys in the back sing, too! Your musical ride will be funky-fabulous with choreographic moves, plenty of laughs, and ohhhh those harmonies! RETRO BOOGIE promises to deliver an enjoyable non-stop musical experience to ALL your guests, young and old!

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Sarah Aili

Sarah Aili is a Nashville based Singer, Songwriter, Writer and Actor originally from Northern California and a bit of NYC. With roots in Americana, Pop & Jazz Music and a love for storytelling, Sarah has an out of the box approach to her music and writing that spans over each of these genres and has performed on stages that cater both to the belly of music and the heart of theater. Not one to sit still, Sarah splits her time between tour life as a singer songwriter, studio time as an in demand Nashville session singer/writer and is consistently involved in the Theater Scene in and outside of Nashville. She has a new single newly released, BOUNDARY, produced by Radney Foster, Matthew Szlachetka and Corey Congilio, another single coming out this Fall and most recently was one of the actors recording the original cast album of Ahrens and Flaherty’s new Music Theater Project, KNOXVILLE, at Powerstation in NYC. She’ll be performing at this year’s Mile of Music Festival in Appleton, WI (August 4-7) as well as a slew of other shows in and outside the Nashville area.

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Pure Nectar

Pure Nectar is a musical experience guaranteed to dazzle and delight music lovers of all ages. Pure Nectar is a High Energy Rock n Roll/ Variety Dance band from Saint Louis MO. We focus on all styles and genres from old to new and everything in between. You ask for it and we’ll play it. We work diligently with our clients to customize a song list for each and every event. Whether you want to play a role in song selection or just rely on our top notch, seasoned musicians to use our professional judgment, we will strive to ensure and create the ultimate party extravaganza for you and your guests!

Pure Nectar offers the ability to modify our band to suit your needs. We offer a full 6-7piece band with horn section for larger events; as well as a small acoustic duo/ trio act for smaller, intimate events. We pride ourselves by giving you a 100% live performance. That means that no backing tracks are used…What you see is what you get. We also provide state of the art sound and lighting for every event. Whatever your musical desires may be, we offer high quality entertainment for any occasion!

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New Crime Theatre

New Crime Theatre is a 5-piece rock and dance variety band that has been putting our own twist on your favorite songs since 2011. Our original members have been playing together since the 90’s when we met in the music program at Truman State University, and we’ve been performing together ever since! Our sound is based on strong musicianship, unexpected surprises, and a huge catalog of songs that we can tailor to just about any crowd. We feature powerful vocals, rich harmonies, and masterful instrumental performances that get the crowd moving all night long.

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South City Express

South City Express is a high-energy cover band that is sure to keep your crowd moving from the first note to the last! The band is lead by female & male vocalists, and also features piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, saxophone, and trumpet; lending a rich and full sound that will provide an unforgettable music experience! With their choreographed dancing and outstanding stage presence, the round and robust sounds of the horn section, and their expansive set list, South City Express has a little something for all generations! No matter who your audience is, South City Express is a perfect fit!

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Musicology is an interactive, 7-piece party band cleverly disguised as a duo. Made up of Brad Carlson (vocals, percussion) and Jimmy Manno (guitar, vocals), Musicology incorporates electronic accompaniment to give the full band sound you love, but in the size you need and a price you can afford. Performing hits from all genres over the last 40 years, with a little extra emphasis on current material, Musicology is sure to please. However, if you’re allergic to entertainment, stay far away from Musicology!

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Fun DMC is the perfect band for any event where you’re wanting to constantly surprise your audience with something different and entertaining. Featuring the greatest pop, rock, and dance songs from every decade, we are no strangers to weddings, corporate events, private parties, bar mitzvahs, festivals, or clubs of any size. With our signature blend of live mashups and extended medleys, your dance floor is guaranteed to be filled and your crowd thrilled at every high energy Fun DMC show.

New to mashups? Ever wonder what it sounds like to mix Journey and Metallica together? Michael Jackson and Usher? What about Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tupac? We dared to find out and the results are something original and more fun than the original songs could ever be on their own. Fun DMC can keep this up for hours, peppering in popular dance hits from every genre and decade alongside spectacles such as a 15 minute 80’s pop medley or a 20 hip-hop mega-mix. This “entertain at all costs” approach has been delighting audiences across the midwest for over 8 years and we are just getting started.

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Up All Night

Up All Night is a high energy party band with a passion for playing songs that will keep our friends singing and dancing all night. The band is led by Ashley, a fresh face to the scene with a powerful voice and is backed by veteran musicians from Saint Louis who collectively have toured and played all over the country.

On stage, the band powers through song to song with no down time, making it hard to leave the dance floor. While the band focuses on today’s top pop and country such as Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and Maren Morris, don’t be surprised to hear a few classics mashed in between, such as Journey, Michael Jackson, and Donna Summer.

Off stage the band loves connecting with friends, new and old and making sure ALL guests feel welcome at our party.

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Trixie Delight

Take all of your favorite bands from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and now…then, have them play your favorite songs, all on one stage, all in one night. This is what the audiences coming to see Trixie Delight have come to love and expect from their favorite St. Louis cover band. Sounds like a huge exaggeration, and biased self opinion made by the band – IF you’ve never seen them before. Once you hear Trixie Delight live, you’ll know the truth for yourself. All performances are 100% live, without pre-recorded backing tracks or pre-recorded vocals.

Formed in 2001, Trixie Delight quickly rose to the top 4 of all of the cover bands in St. Louis.

Kelly Wild, is the front woman/screamer/MC/ lead vocalist – and has become one of St. Louis’ top vocalists. She is very personable and engaging with the crowd. The biggest WOW factor with this band, is that she can cover songs by the male vocalists who had recorded them, and sound remarkably like the original recording. People couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing when they would turn around to find a female singing, as the band was performing songs from groups like Chris Stapleton, Metallica, and Pearl Jam. The band runs a tight show by also covering female Rock artists too – like Adele, Heart, Evanesance, and Gaga to name a few.

Their fans LOVE the variety in Trixie Delight’s playlist.

The only way Trixie Delight could cover such a wide variety of songs, is by having one of the most versatile lead guitarists in town, Clint Wilson. The band’s rhythm section, Matt Crown on drums, and

Jonathan Vorce on bass – can keep the dance floor groovin’ all night long. They are some of the most talented musicians in St. Louis and keep the mood light and fun on stage. The guys round out the unique sound of Trixie Delight with their full bodied back up vocals.

The show tends to be a little more on the raucous and risqué side at bars and nightclubs, and adjusts itself accordingly to the climate of private parties, corporate events, and casinos.

Trixie Delight has performed for

the St. Louis Cardinals, and the St. Louis Blues organizations.

Kelly Wild has performed at times over the years, with 2 annual tributes at The Pageant – Celebration Day (a Led Zeppelin tribute) and El Monstero (a Pink Floyd tribute.)

Trixie Delight, is all about making the audience have fun while being treated to some of the best music and vocals in the area. So come out and catch a show when you are ready to lose your cares for a few hours, and drink and dance the night away.

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Top of the World

Top of the World is a high-energy pop band with a non-stop stage show. This is a super-party, crowd pumping, dance experience.

Drummer and band founder, Larry Perlmutter, “The Lobster Man”, has been playing drums professionally for many years. His signature is his flamboyant style and energetic delivery—standing up to play the drums. Larry has played all over the country and internationally with such artists as The Coasters, The Drifters, The Hollywood Argyles, and Heartache Tonight—a nationally known Eagles tribute band. He has performed in concert with the likes of Rare Earth, Neil McCoy, Mark Chestnut, Mickey Thomas of Jefferson Starship, Foghat, BJ Thomas, Black Oak Arkansas and many others. Larry’s style is diverse and soulful while still raw and aggressive, a perfect fit for the energy of Top of The World.

Bass guitarist Jason “JC” Collins began his musical career at age 11, studied music under professors, graduates, and professionals from Juilliard School of Arts & Music and also studied with the Berklee College of Music, where he became fluent in music theory and music notation. He became extremely proficient in multiple genres: jazz, rock, pop, funk, R&B, and gospel. Since the age of 18, JC has been playing in the music scene in St. Louis and is now well known for his funky chops. Jason has had the privilege of playing with some of the biggest and most prominent musicians in and around St. Louis.

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist CJ Davidson is the newest member of Top of the World. In addition to his myriad of instrumental talents, CJ is an audio engineer with a taste for all things musical. He has a wide background in various music genres including Rap and R&B and has performed all over the St. Louis metropolitan area. You can find his original music on Spotify and iTunes.

One of the two front people for Top of the World is Kelly Rue. After receiving her Bachelors of Performing Arts degree with an emphasis on dance and musical theater, Kelly went on to teach dance, perform in her own dance company, sing in bands and choirs while entering into the television and film arena where she hosted a local magazine show, did extensive commercial/voice over work and broke into the International scene with her portrayal of Linda Boley on New Detectives. The recipient of many awards and accolades for her work both on and off the stage, Kelly is excited to continue her love for performing with Top of the World – “love you guys!”

Exzavion Powells, “The X Man”, originally from Los Angeles, CA, started drumming at the age of 4, taking lessons from his father and perfecting his skills by playing drums at his church. Listening to Michael Jackson growing up, Exavion was drawn to both singing and dancing. He’s the other half of the front for Top of the World. To watch him perform, you can feel, hear, and see the heat. Before joining Top of the World, Exavion performed with the band Gen2Men.

The cast of Top of the World includes out of this world dancers. These ladies shine on their choreography and when they are not on stage with the band, they are out in the audience keeping the party going and pumping the crowd. Come party with the band, you’ll walk out feeling on Top of the World!

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