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The Hustle

Put on your boogie shoes and get ready for a whole new experience as we take you back to the 70’s disco Era!

The Hustle will make you feel like you have just gone back in time with the full polyester wardrobe, a whole lot of afro, and of course the best disco jams that keep you dancing all night long!

The Hustle is:

Foxy Roxy –  Lead Vocals    Born in BeeGeeVille Connecticut, Foxy got her first taste of disco while singing karaoke at a local bowling alley, while chowing down on a large bacon burger. She has the voice of an angel, but don’t let her fool you. She can kung-fu fight just like a pro.

Rocko Gibb –  Bass Guitar/Vocals    This groovy cat knows how to lay down the funky bass! Rocco’s favorite pair of shoes are his white Uncle Eddies. He loves chicken wings and Red Barron pizza.

Jazz Funkalicious –  Guitar/Vocals    When you think of slinky string, wankee-dankee, funky chunky, then look no further to the undeniable guitar talents of Mr Funkalicious. His favorite ice cream flavor is Strawberry Suede from Velvet Freeze.

Boom-Boom Washington –  Drums/Vocals   There are drummers, and then there is Boom-Boom. Once ranked as the South City roller-skating champ, he also speaks fluent gizum-gazum…. Yeah, we don’t what the hell that means either??

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