Symptom Of The Universe

It is our great privilege to pay homage to one of the greatest influences on modern heavy music. The originators of the heavy guitar riff and lyrics of doom and catastrophe. The godfathers of metal… Black Sabbath!

Most popular heavy metal bands of today say they were influenced by Black Sabbath, and so were we. We grew up listening to these albums on vinyl, cassette, and later on CD. These songs have been in our heads since we were young and life was grand.

Now, we want to keep the flame of this incredible music going. We strive to reproduce the songs as near as we can to the original recordings. The focus in our beginning will be all about the albums with Ozzy, as this was what started it all. This is all about the music for us, and for you.

Please join us on our journey through the years with Black Sabbath!

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