Rock Candy

RockCandy brings a SHOW to every venue it entertains. A full blown tribute to 5+ decades of pure rock music.

Fronted by Saint Louis’ own music veteran, Ashley Haynes, who crafted her vision of something never before done in STL live music venues. A show where every set of music is solely dedicated to 1 of 5+ decades of Rock And Roll Music. The lineup is rounded out with St. Louis Music veterans;

  • Joe Gilbert on Bass
  • Ben Peters on Rhythm Guitar
  • Alonzo Jamison on Drums
  • Jay Smith on Lead Guitar

A fully entertaining live music experience with each unique set of music through the night, containing 6 unique characters per decade, dressed in full blown costumes specific to the era chosen for that set. Between music sets… costume and set changes, and when these musicians reemerge, 6 new characters are before you for the next decade of Rock And Roll.

What does a night of music at a RockCandy show look like?Maybe one night will be 60’s for the 1st set, 80’s for the 2nd, and 00’s for the 3rd. Maybe the next night it will be 70’s, then 80’s, then 90’s… but it’s always a secret and you’ll never know until the next set is ready to begin. You can come see RockCandy 20 times and never see the same show twice!

You’ll also have fun getting to know all 30 of our characters. 5 decades with 6 unique fictional but LEGENDARY Rock Stars each.

– Get to know the tower of flower power voice of 60’s Patricia Paramore, or the sultry 70’s crooning of  Belladonna.

– Feel the thunderous bass lines of the 70’s with Patrick T. Patriot or the insane 80’s low end slap of JOE CHARACTER

– Bask in the 60’s guitar wizardry of Dixon Rockwell and chase it with the only 80’s guitar player whose licks are so sharp, they call him “Blade”… aka Switchblade Thunderz.

RockCandy is not your standard tribute band. We’re a party for your ears and eyes. Check our events section and we’ll see you at the next show!

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