Paul Childers

Paul Childers knew at an early age that music was his path in life. He was so sure of it at age 13 that he essentially locked himself in his room with a guitar. There, he started to put in the hours of practice that would make him the musician he is today. This was the beginning of Childers’ journey that led to the moment when his debut album, Naked Poetry , hit the #27 best-selling pop album on the global chart its first week. Since then he has been tirelessly working to hone his craft, and the music community has taken notice. Invitations to play at prestigious venues has been a major payoff from this hard work, as Childers has now performed at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Songbirds Guitar Museum where he opened for the museum’s ambassador Vince Gill. What will fans experience when they attend one of Childers high energy, guitar driven shows? A unique blend of pop, R&B, and soul. Childers finds a way to blur the lines between Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer and Justin Timberlake while adding a nod to D’Angelo. Remarkably, he has the ability to bring a sense of intimacy to the stage.

Childers fast-growing fan base is driven by his songs, all of which he penned and co-produced on his two acclaimed albums. “This Nashville singer-songwriter is only 23, but there is striking maturity to be found on his disc debut, Naked Poetry,” Robert K Oermann of MusicRow magazine writes. “This jazzbo, horn-bedecked, soul groover is pop paradise. And, yes, those are his own Strat lead-guitar lines that you hear on this CD. A strikingly accomplished first-time effort.” When not on tour, Childers is a resident at one of the top 10 busiest clubs in the nation, Acme Feed and Seed. When Childers performs live there is a Clark Kent-like transformation from mild-mannered gentleman into a guitar-slinging superhero. A fun spectator sport is to watch the faces in the audience when they witness a Childers’ performance for the first time. Cell phone cameras come out and dancing shoes go on! Childers is currently performing select appearances with Bose Professional, one of many manufacturers that have jumped on board to be part of his extraordinary career that is just getting started!

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