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So…here’s our story. It was year 2017. One magical day, a manager from a venue in Decatur, IL wanted to book a band that Kevin and Timery were in to play the weekend of Mother’s Day. The band wasn’t available, but they were ok with a duo act. Timery suggested that she and Kevin take on the act, and the band was totally okay with it. Kevin later thought of the idea to bring Jason along, and the rest is history. They jammed that Saturday night, passed out roses to all the mothers, and lived happily ever after.


Kevin Lemen is an incredible guitarist and has been playing and touring across the US since he was 16 years old. He’s no new face to the St. Louis music scene. You can always count on him to give you his absolute best, and his playing never disappoints. Jason Nelson doesn’t need an introduction. He is a St. Louis native that’s an expert at entertaining. If you’re having a bad day, attend a show, and I promise that he will have you on your feet with a smile on your face at the end of his performance. I PROMISE YOU! Timery Rogers is a newer face, but you may recognize her from filling in with a few popular bands in the area. She is from Decatur, IL and is known in her area for her leadership positions at her church in the music ministry. She moved to the St. Louis Metro area and attended SIUe. She has a thing for harmonizing….a SERIOUS THING, like serious, SERIOUS thing for harmonizing.

Timery created this trio with the vision of meeting the needs of every single client they come across. The JAMBOX Acoustic Trio (or JAT) provides you with a wide variety of “feel good” music. Most importantly, they love to have a good time, and they love seeing their clients have a great time.

JAT can’t wait to party with you. See you soon.


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