If you grew up on music from the mid 70’s though the mid 90’s, then you are likely a true Gen
X-er. This is the music that took you from bell bottoms through peg rolled pants all the way to
stonewashed/ripped jeans. GenX is a Southeast Missouri based band that helps you relive all
the memories this music created. From Funk and pop to dance we cover it all with accurate
representation of exactly how you remembered it. GenX is comprised of six seasoned musicians
with each having over 20 years’ experience.

GenX consists of Stephanie Powell (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Oral Friend (Lead
Vocals/Vocoder/Aux keyboards), Brett Yount (Keyboards/Backing Vocals), Scott Slinkard (Lead
Guitar/ Backing Vocals), Andy French (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals), Matt “Doc” Coleman

We fill our sets with “all killer no filler” hits to make sure the party upbeat and the crowd stays
engaged. GenX uses a state-of-the-art light show, pro level digital mixing, in-ear monitoring
with no stage volume to ensure the music is clean, controlled and accurate.

Interested in booking GenX?