Dave & Greg Show

The Dave and Greg Show has a songlist of 300+ songs and can play any style.  From Frank Sinatra to Elvis, from Johnny Cash to the Beatles, from The Eagles to Matchbox 20, and from Keith Urban to John Mayer, Dave and Greg cover every decade of music from 1950 to 2018 or can cater to any specific genre.

David Kalz has toured with Devon Allman/Honeytribe, Suave Octopus, Robynn Ragland, Petty Cash Junction, as well as his own original group Impala Deluxe, which he shares with Hulub.

Greg toured military bases all over the world with his own group, as well as fronting Roger From the Dark, a popular midwest alternative band in the 1990’s, and has released two solo efforts of his own.  Raised in a musical family, his father was a fixture on Gaslight Square and the music director of the Fox Theater for many years.

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