1. Who the heck is ‘BUMP!’?‘BUMP!’ Is the band you go see and you say “I love this song, nobody plays thissong!”. “Expletive, expletive woo hood!”The 70’s and 80’s rock scene was the Shit. Shit = the Bomb. Bomb = Badass.‘BUMP!’ plays the most choicerock tunes from the era, including deep cuts, withan attention to the detail that you wanna see and hear. And with flair. Not wigsand stuff, this is our hair dammit-The flair of old school performance skill andyears of honed experience.When you leave a ‘BUMP!’ show, you wanna know when the next BUMP! showis. You’ll talk about the song choice, the harmonies, the rocking’ young phenomdrummer, the singer who can mimic it all. The booming bass player. The rippingkeys and organ. And the guitar riffs and licks-and you’ll probably talk about thedouble neck and why it’s been since the 80’s since you’ve seen one.Yep. The Shit. The Bomb. Bad Ass.In your face rock and roll to perfection.Now let’s BUMP!BUMP! is:Anthony Ingracia: Vocals: THE VOICE!A veteran of Portrait: The Music ofKansas, Stone in Love: The Music of Journey, Mean Street: The Music of VanHalen, Just Mr., A.L.I. and many more!James Comparato: Guitar and Vocals: A veteran of Portrait: The Music ofKansas, Freebird USA: The Musicof Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Brothers: the Music ofthe Allman Brothers, Danny Liston and Pat Liston bands (both of Atlanticrecording artist Mamma’s Pride), Pepperland: The Music of the Beatles. AlmostJoshua, and many more!Mike Quinn: Bass and Vocals: A MOand CA native he’s been laying down thegrooves from local and national artists forever. He’s also a true chop chopbadass and has the coolest clothes.Kenny Schlereth: Keyboards and Vocals: A veteran of Stone in Love: The Musicof Journey, Freebird USA:The Music of Lynyrd Skynyrd-and many more! Wecall him Biscuit!Parker Comparato: Drums and Vocals: We call him ‘The Kid’. A true powerhouseand gifted drummer. He has toured with the School of Rock All Stars, played the

  2. stages at Summerfest, and graced some of the biggest venues in the country athis young age. We alllook to him to keep us in tiptop form…

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