Ashley Haynes Duo

Ashley Haynes has been a staple in the St. Louis music scene for over a decade.  With vocal stylings ranging from today’s hits to yesterday’s favorites, Ashley can conquer any vocal with grace and a rasp that keeps the crowd engaged and dancing all night long!  

As a classically trained violinist and vocalist, Ashley brings an unparalleled approach to the musicality of each song.  Currently as a member of Rock Candy, her past bands include Crossed The Line, The Rough Ryders and County Line. Ashley continues branching out not only with her vocals, but also by playing the guitar and the piano!
The Ashley Haynes Duo is sure to be a treat to the ears of all listeners and will definitely make your event the talk of the town! If a larger band is needed, an electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums can be added to the line up.  Make your event one to remember with The Ashley Haynes Duo!


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